Sweet & Sour Celery Seed Salad Dressing

Salad with Sweet & Sour Celery Seed Salad Dressing

A really good salad is hard to beat. I didn’t share a recipe for the salad above, but the ingredients are: spinach, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, sliced carrots, kidney beans, and fresh uncooked corn. My focus today is on the salad dressing.

I have never been a fan of bottled salad dressings. I’m sure there may be some good ones available, but it’s so easy to make your own, fresh, at home! My #1 favorite salad dressing is actually just extra virgin olive oil, lemon, sea salt and pepper. I love the clean flavor. However, this Sweet & Sour Celery Seed Salad Dressing is right up there with all my favorites like Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing, and Sesame Dressing. I think what I like most about this salad dressing is the flavor of the celery seeds. The flavor is so prominent that I felt I had to put them in the title of the dressing. I’m a big lover of celery seeds and use them whenever I can; in my egg salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, soups, etc. They are so flavorful. Are you familiar with celery seeds? If not, I hope you’ll get some and give my salad dressing a try.  😉

Makes 2 cups

1/4 cup to 3/4 cup of Sugar (Honey or Agave work, too)
1 Tbsp Celery Seed
1 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Dry Mustard
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 cup Olive Oil

In a large bowl mix together the sugar, celery seed, paprika, dry mustard, and salt.
Add in the apple cider vinegar and still until the sugar is dissolved.
Using a whisk add the olive oil a little at a time, whisking continuously until it emulsifies.
Delicious served over spinach salad, or any fresh green salad.

I have listed the sugar as 1/4 cup to 3/4 cup, depending upon how sweet or tart you like your dressing. You can start with less sugar, and add more as desired.

Refrigerate dressing – lasts up to 3 weeks.

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4 Responses to Sweet & Sour Celery Seed Salad Dressing

  1. ally says:

    Helena…I love the combination you’ve put together here…the celery seed, paprika, dried mustard…my Mom so loved sweet and sour dressing and always bought them bottled…she’d so so love this one!! Thanks for your creative magic!! xox

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