Giveaway – A chance to win Just Great Bread mixes

Just Great Bread mixes

I love getting good surprises… who doesn’t! On this particular day, my surprise came in the form of an unexpected package. Upon opening it, I was happily surprised to see 5 packages of Just Great Bread. I was excited to bake a loaf andI wasted no time, chosing the Multi-Grain Bread Mix… even though I was tempted by each and every bread choice.

Just Great Bread sliced

I followed the super easy directions. All you’re doing is adding water, mixing, allowing it to rise, putting it in the loaf pan, allowing it to rise again, bake, cool, eat. In about 2 hours, with minimal effort, the bread was ready! The house smelled amazing and the bread baked perfectly. Seriously, it was incredible. It is a sturdy type of bread and I was able to slice it with precision. It’s the type of bread you want to eat on it’s own, just to explore the flavors and texture. But, as you will see by the picture below, I couldn’t resist slathering some butter on the fresh hot slice of bread.

Up Close piece of Just Great Bread Multi-Grain

The bread mixes are made with whole grains, and they’re organic… which I love! Imported from Germany, and they’re Kosher, too.

They have 5 different varieties of bread mixes:

  • Multi-Grain Bread Mix
  • Power Bread Mix
  • Mountain Bread Mix
  • Wellness Bread Mix
  • Farmers Bread Mix

I can’t wait to try them all.  And one lucky winner will have a chance to try them all, as well!

Just enter the Giveaway. It’s easy!! (This Giveaway has ended)

That’s it.  :)
One entry per person.
Contest ends April 1, 2013 at noon.
Winner will be chosen via

Buttered piece of Just Great Bread

A big thank you to Just Great Bread for sponsoring this Giveaway!

AND THE WINNER IS…. #18 – Tricia Sears Eubanks!! Congratulations, Tricia!

Winner of Giveaway

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70 Responses to Giveaway – A chance to win Just Great Bread mixes

  1. Linda says:

    Comment #1
    I’ve dome the required steps. It would be great to win this delicious looking bread mix. Fingers crossed. :)

  2. drmarylynn says:

    Comment #2
    done, done and done! Maybe it will be my lucky day. . . ;0)

  3. judi (Mary's sister) says:

    Comment #3
    Sounds AWESOME!!! Hope to win!

  4. Chrissy says:

    Comment #4
    Hope I win!! :)

  5. Candy Miles says:

    Comment #5
    Did all three. Hope I win!

  6. Erin DeLuca says:

    Comment #6
    Completed!!! I love making fresh bread and my family likes it too!!!!

  7. Fatima says:

    Comment #7
    Hi there, I did all the requirements, I hope I win the bread looks so good!

  8. Jym says:

    Comment #8

  9. Wayne Arnaiz says:

    COMMENT #9
    Done…….and who doesn’t love great bread?!?

  10. Sandy says:

    COMMENT #10
    I like Saucy Girls and Great Breads on face book and I shared your giveaway on facebook

  11. Asta Quilts says:

    COMMENT #11
    I believe that if this is from Germany, it means no GMOs!! I would LOVE to try these breads. Thanks for running the give-away!

  12. Beth says:

    COMMENT #12
    Yum! This bread sounds delicious! And the pics really make me want to try it!

  13. Dicey Efantis says:

    COMMENT #13
    Mission complete!

  14. marie taylor says:

    COMMENT #14
    Liked and shared.

  15. rachel says:

    COMMENT #15
    Just did all 3!

  16. marisa says:

    COMMENT #16
    What a great contest

  17. Darlene Leonard says:

    COMMENT #17
    Followed the instructions for the giveaway. fingers crossed I win.

  18. Tricia Sears says:

    COMMENT #18
    Done. Done. Done. That was easy! The bread looks delicious.

  19. ally says:

    COMMENT #19
    I’m all in, angel!! xo

  20. jo carpenter says:

    COMMENT #20
    Done it all! A delicious contest!!!

  21. COMMENT #21
    I have done all three steps and I would love to win this giveaway. We are big bread eaters and makers and would love to try these.

  22. Diane Troxell says:

    COMMENT #22
    Liked and shared. Can these be done in the bread machine?

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  24. Carla says:

    Where can I purchase these?

  25. Nancy Wakefield says:

    COMMENT #23
    I haven’t had hot German bread in 30 yrs. I would love to win. And have done all three requests.

  26. latins says:

    COMMENT #24
    done,done,and done!

  27. Tj says:

    COMMENT #25

  28. Karen Uyesugi says:

    COMMENT #26
    Completed all requirements

  29. Lisa McCann says:

    COMMENT #27
    Done, done and done. Sure hope I win.

  30. My next door senior neighbor is from germany and I offen get to sample german food which I find very delicious.

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  32. Jeffrey says:

    COMMENT #28
    I completed all three tasks, here is a link to my share:!/jeffrey.lammers.7/posts/147379562104846.
    The photo of the cut bread looks awesome, I love whole grain bread with nuts, seeds, oats and whatever else that adds to the texture. Thanks for giving someone, hopefully me, the chance to score these mixes!

  33. Natalie says:

    COMMENT #29
    Just discovered your website and looking forward to making several of your recipes!

  34. Lula Hock says:

    COMMENT #30
    Bread is my favorite food, I get really upset with myself when I run out of bread which I sometimes do as I have bad migraine headaches and can’t always get to the store when I need to. Would love to win these mixes, they sound like they would be great.

  35. Karris says:

    COMMENT #31
    I have done all three. I really hope I win.

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