Foodie Friends Friday with “Marlys – This and That”

It’s another Foodie Friends Friday and this week I’ve been paired with Marlys – this and that.  She has a young blog (only a few months old) but I found it very interesting. At the top of her blog it says “A little African, a little American and a whole lot Canadian…” It goes on to say that she is writing about her journey while learning to make African food. I was immediately excited and interested, as I love the flavors of African food. So, I started exploring her posts thinking I would share one of her African recipes. However, once I saw this pic and read the ingredients I couldn’t get it out of my head. Turns out it’s not African, it’s Finnish. I absolutely love cardamom and it is one of the ingredients in this delicious looking Finnish Cardamom Bread called Pulla.

Finnish Cardamom Bread called Pulla

Finnish Cardamom Bread called Pulla

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3 Responses to Foodie Friends Friday with “Marlys – This and That”

  1. Marlys Folly says:

    Thanks for the great review and I hope that you enjoy this recipe…. I love cardamon too and usually get mine straight from Finland ~~ I have a brother that lives there. I do need to get some more African posts done but as we eat alot of the same types of meals with slight variations it seems pointless to blog about them. Maybe I need to branch out to other African countries. Marlys

  2. Lois says:

    Those look really good!

  3. Ally says:

    My gosh! This looks and sounds aaahhhmazing, Helena! I’m really into cardamom, too…thanks for finding this great recipe! xo Ally

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