Bread Making at home made easy with Baked Better!

Baked Better samples

A package of deliciousness arrives!

I received 3 samples of Organic Bread Mixes from Baked Better of Brooklyn, NY. Healthy and delicious bread at home, that’s easy to make! I was so excited to try their mixes that I couldn’t decide which bread to bake first.

The three varieties are:

Dumbo Delicious – Organic multi-grain bread mix, with an assortment of nutritious seeds and grains.

Cobble Hill Crave – Organic multi-grain bread mix, speckled with plump cranberries and crunchy walnuts.

Park Slope Staple – Organic multi-grain bread mix, ready for your own creative additions.

Just add water & mix!

Just add water & mix!


Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh bread baking in the oven? Plus, the deliciousness as you have a warm slice… Well, now baking healthy bread at home is super easy. It’s as simple as opening a package and mixing it with water. Let it rise for 30 minutes and then bake.



Cobble Hill Crave rising

Cobble Hill Crave rising


I decided to make the Cobble Hill Crave first. I love a bread that has nuts and fruit in it, and this was no exception. It mixed up so easily, without any kneading normally associated with bread making. I put it in a greased loaf pan and it rose beautifully. Then I popped it into a 400 degree oven for about 50 minutes.



The Cobble Hill Crave turned out perfectly and we had it with our breakfast. It was moist, dense, and filled with sweet cranberries and crunchy walnuts. It was so yummy I had 2 pieces… one plain, and one with cream cheese.  😉

Park Slope Staple with Pesto & Kalamata Olives

Park Slope Staple with Pesto & Kalamata Olives


That night for dinner I decided to try the Park Slope Staple. I really love the idea of being able to add my own ingredients into the mix to make it my own! Since we were having Italian food that night I decided to add Pesto & Kalamata Olives into the mix. I had some pesto in the fridge that I had made the week before.



Mixing up the Park Slope Staple

Mixing up the Park Slope Staple


I added about 1 cup of the pesto and 1/2 cup of Kalamata Olives that I cut in half. I didn’t want to chop them up because I really  like to bite into the bread and get a nice piece of olive. It mixed up nicely and smelled so good with the fresh pesto in there.


Park Slope Staple with Pesto & Kalamata Olives baking in the oven

Yum – smells so good baking!



The bread rose perfectly and into the oven it went. In about an hour we had a delicious loaf of Pesto Olive Bread.



It was so moist and full of flavor it required nothing more, no butter, no oil dipping sauce. Just super delicious all on it’s own. I especially loved the crunchy crust.

Park Slope Staple with Pesto & Kalamata Olives

Park Slope Staple with Pesto & Kalamata Olives

To order Baked Better organic bread mixes click here.

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  1. Patty Jester says:

    Did all three for contest – do not know where to post.

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