Cure for the Stinky Kitchen Sponge!

Nothing is worse that the smell of a stinky kitchen sponge.  It happens after time, and when excess water is left in the sponge. The sponge still looks perfect, but the rancid smell is horrible. It’s awful when you use the sponge and that smell is left on your hands. Ewww…..

Here’s a quick little remedy to save that sponge and save you some money in the process. Now you won’t have to throw that stinky sponge away, you can microwave it, kill the bacteria, and end up with a fresh smelling sponge.

sponge with liquid dish detergent

Just put some liquid dish detergent on the sponge and plenty of water.

upright soapy sponge in microwave

Place sponge upright in microwave.

sponge in microwave

Microwave on high for 2 to 3 minutes.

rinsing kitchen sponge under running water

Rinse sponge thoroughly (careful, it's hot).

hand holding a clean sponge

The sponge is as good as new, and smells great, too!


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6 Responses to Cure for the Stinky Kitchen Sponge!

  1. wendy says:

    Thank you!! Tried this and it works perfectly. You have just saved me so many sponges.

  2. keith says:

    oh my God, this works great. THX !!!!

  3. Asta says:

    Looks like it might be a good idea to set the sponge (as you direct…on it’s side) in a large bowl to catch all the hot bubbly liquid…unless you intention is to clean the entire inside of the microwave, too. THANKS for the tip!

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